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Quotes by morethenamemory

if you're holding on to something that's not meant to be yours,
you'll end up loosing it anyway.

I wish dreams were like wishes,
and wishes came true,

because in my dreams,

I'm always with you.


it hurts every night

 when he dances throug h my mind.


he's the voice I'd love to hear 
  someday when I'm ninety.

 he's that wooden rocking chair,

 I want rocking right beside me.


boy when I look at you,
you look through me like I'm not even here


there was things I wanted to tell him
but I knew they would hurt him, so I buried them,
and let them hurt me.

all I waited for was
 a chance to make you understand.

no matter how painful

your decision has been

as long as you can sleep well at night,

it means you made
the right choice


I want to be the one your waiting for,
not the one waiting for you.

there's danger in loving somebody to much
 and it's sad when you know it's your heart

you can't trust