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Quotes by morg_bri_x3

    everyone calls you amazing...
  i just call you mine<3


*falling for someone too fast...*
is like going over a speed bump too fast.
there's a possibility you...
*might crash*

^^by briii....favorite/comment plz (:

*i'm sitting here with*
with my headphones plugged in,
volume turned up to the max,
my favorite playlist open,
but i'm not listening to anything.
instead i'm thinking about you.
i'm thinking about me.
i'm thinking about everything we used to be...

^^^by brii...all mine. venting.

just like love,
its hard to explain the feeling,
put the memories into words,
or being able to count how many good times we shared.
the reason friendship and love sound so much alike is,
you can't have one without the other. <3

--bri...venting sorta...dont have to favorite or comment i dont really care :/
means different things to different people...
to some it may mean who your with most often,
or who you've known the longest,
but not to me....
to me, it isnt who you've known the longest or
who your always me its who said they'd
be there for you forever...and proved it.

by briii...really venting bad. not from my head but from my heart :/

when i was 5 years old
my mom told me that happiness was the key to life.
when i went to school, they asked me what i wanted
to be when i grew up. i wrote down "happy."
they told me i didn't understand the assignment,
i told them they didn't understand

               ladies love 
country boys<3

^^^by morgg!!!

side by side

o r  • m i l e s • a p a r t

friends are forever

*~close you your heart~*

^^^by briiii!! (this is supposed to be centered sorry)

     and the 

came streaming down your face
                   when you lose something you can't

^^by briiii!!! (not the best)
in the shower, there was a hair
on the wall. i didn't want to touch
it so i got puddles of water in my hand
and threw it at the hair. it wouldn't
fall so i aimed the shower head at it..


^^^by briii!!!  (MLIA)