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Love Graphics
my name is morgan colleen peterson.
i'm 14 years old, and my birthday is november 20th.
i have three little sisters, and a few friends that are like sisters to me.
i play volleyball. its my favorite sportt :)
i'm an honest person, which sometimes may come accross as mean..

i have a boyfriend, and i love him more than anything in the whole world. and nothing will ever change that ♥
music is what gets me through life. without it, i don't even know where i would be.
my boyfriend has helped me get through a lot too, and i love him ♥

Quotes by morgancolleen

That awkward moment when
you notice a typo in your quote after you posted it, but people already faved it so you don't want to fix it.
not my format

*picture comments*

 Girl 1: you're gorgeous!

 Girl 2: awh, thanks! that means a lot coming from someone as pretty as you :)

and that is what i like to call: kissing a s s.




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Thank you for sharing your hatred

of facebook with me...
on facebook.

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R  E  M  E  M  B  E  R   W  H  E  N

 having a signature for your texts

was the coolest thing ever?

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Forget Logan Thibault,
 i'm still in love with Troy Bolton.



 not my format

Conversation between me and my mom:

What's this new Katy Perry movie coming out? This is exactly what Justin Bieber did. What a copier.
Me: Mom, the Jonas Brothers did the same thing before Justin Bieber...
Mom: ...shutup. No one asked you, anyways.

not my format.
i love my mommy ♥


Everyone, please..
 Go on youtube and look up Chris Meredith;
he is extremely talented. I don't know him, but i know he'll go far. ♥


Life has no remote,
get up and change it yourself.

n  m  q  /  n  m  f. 



The awkward moment 

when you're trying to tell your waiter that everthing is

okay, but your mouth is full of food.