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Quotes by morganmich1

Find someone who can change your life
not just your relationship status
treat that person with respect
show them you care that there around
show them that you love them
and everything will turn out alright


The worst part about loving somebody and dreaming
is waking up <3

Keep on dreaming
Even if it breaks your heart.!

You may not know how much somebody means to you until there gone
but sometimes you realize they never ment anything and your glad there gone.(:

A break-up dosent mean you have lost everything in  you life
it just means they werent right
and there is a person out there for you
it may take some time to find them
but when you do it will be the most amazing thing that has ever happen.

there are going to be the days where you need people the most sometimes they arent going to be there but the ones that are should mean more to you than anybody else.

There are guys that are going to hurt you
need you
love you
miss you
but the guys that you need to pay attention to
are the guys that cant live a day without you <3

Am I The Only One Who Still Loves The Song It Wasent Me- Shaggy.??
because i sure do feel alone on this lol.

I Like To Think
That Brought
Because i Dont Want To Give
Any Credit To A Small, Winged,
Diaper- wearing, arrow- shooting
Who Should Be Locked Up
Before He Takes Someone's
Eye Out.

Seems Like Theres Always Someone Who Disapproves,
Theyll Judge It Like They Know About me And You..

But Really They Have No Idea There NEVER Around When Were Together So Who Are They To Talk.?