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Last night was Amazing.(:
Your touch your kiss everything.
But then today came.. why do you only act like i have a chance when its night...?
Amazing day
I think i might have got you back

Never fails
if its
meant to

I still feel EMPTY inside...
Heart broken

 Will i ever have you back...
will i ever get to feel your warmth again
when you would kiss me
when we would hug
when we would cuddle
the laughs we shared
the memories i gained and will never forget
how i could tell you everything
you seen me without make-up
you showed me something that i have never had before
you made me happy
the smile on my face would not stop
you made me feel special
i really want you back..
please allow me to have another chance.
dont let age get in the way..
i really care about you and i guess if your happy without me then thats good for me
but if you really cared about me you would no im not happy without you
the smile on my face has died
the laughs gone...
why cant i have you back..
give me a good reason.. other than age..
because i really do love you..
so please..


It really just hit me how much i miss you
that the tears are going down my face..
i knew i missed you a lot but now i understand why..

I may have a chance again.(:
Is it bad that i miss him..?
I miss his kisses
His hugs.
How he would hold me..
when he would txt me how the smile came to my face.
when he would take one look at me all i could do is smile..
he made me laugh..
brought out the real me.
he told me he loved me and he said he could never leave me. .
what happen to that..?
Idk all ik is that im very confused in life right now..
i have someone new that im happy with but is it bad that i miss all that from the other guy.....???
 What is LOVE.?
Well its much more than a little small word
i mean really you cant just be dating someone and then it clicks in your head and you think you LOVE them on the first day
that isn't how
LOVE works
it is much more than that.
People just expect to look at someone and just fall in
You need to get to no the person before you even begin to think that
I mean really people..
No offense or anything but if you do believe in 
LOVE at first sight then someone needs to help you
because then it shows that you hope to find someone that is attractive or something like that
just because a guy/girl is attractive does not mean that you will just fall in
Look past the looks and say do i really like what i see on the inside or is it only on the out..??
What is
Why'd this have to happen again..??
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