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hi.. uhh im morgan.. i go to sacred heart in lombard.. nd i play basketball volleyball cross country track cheerleading and soccer, currently im going out with cameron and i love him to death!!

Quotes by morgey123

Want to know how I know? It's because
when ever I hear the word love your the
only thing I can think about, it doesn't
matter who I'm with cause inside I know you'll
always be the one. It's because all love
songs remind me of you. It's cause
when ever I talk to you I feel like my real
self, the one that no one else knows. It's
cause your the only one I really feel
comfortable around. It's not only because
your the love of my life, you my best
friend,I can tell you anything and every-
thing. It is because the whole time I was
writing this, I was thinking about you,
thats how I know.
&&he's the only one
who can save me,
but hes given up to.

[ xoxo ]
I didn't want to want you. I didn't want to need any one, i wanted to do it all on my own..I didn't want to love you. Sometimes you gotta give up and let some one else do the work
&&hes the only one who
can save me, but hes
given up too
&&there has to be something wrong
with me.. when i was thinking about
you the other day in the middle of
math.. i can feel my eyes start to
water and my smile going down.this
pain is beginning to be unbearable
i've never been one to let my
emotions show. but i cant take
all this pain any more. i used
to just blink away the tears,
instead the tears come running
down my face. i used to be able
to fake that smile,im not that
good of an actress any more. that
fake laugh was fooling everyone,
i forgot how to laugh. everythings
falling apart, and i dont know
how to controll it any more, as the
tears come rolling down my face..
my hearts relived
&&right when im about to confess..
she walks in and ruins it all.
tonight all i wanna do is cry. every thought of
you makes me shed another tear. you have no idea
how much you put me through, and how much its
killing me inside. and it'll get better, i know
it will.. but before that happens the pain will
kill. but i've noticed, ill never acctually get
over you.. and no, this pain will never stop
&&im amazed by you can be so stuck up,
selfish, ignorant, rude..and how you make me
want you even more evertime i look at you <3
i want to spend the rest of my life
with you by my side.