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Quotes by motisizi54

Witty is nothing like it used to be...
Checking your phone
to see if you got any new texts
even though it didn't vibrate...

So if you're from Africa..
||||||||||| Why are you white?
-Mean Girls


Shoutout to all my haters,
Sorry that you couldn't phase me.


Witty best friend? (:
-13 or 14
-love one direciton
-wants to talk about boys and drama and crap
-fun, outgoing, and nice! 
-texts or has a facebook. 
i mean, those aren't REQUIREMENTS or anything! just if you want a friend, let me know!

And I wonder if he feels the same way about me. 

Nolook at me I'm sparkling,
a firework, a dancing flame.

The tears well up in her eyes
as she sits down on her bed and begins to cry. 
Drop after drop, they stream down her cheeks. 
The razor comes out, shiny and sleek. 
Her blood flows like a river, 
and now she's crying so hard she begins to shake and shiver.
The blade hurts like nothing else, but it was her last resort. 
She had no friends, of any sort. 
And worst of all,
the boy she loved all of her life, 
started walking with another girl down the hall, 
it was like they were husband and wife. 
But then she began to think. 
She wiped her tears, and headed towards her sink. 
She threw water on her face, 
and looked at her self in the mirror.
And then she began to speak to aloud, but you could barely hear her. 
"I can get through this, without cutting."
Then she turned and threw the razor in the trash,
along with all of her problems and worries.
(I am in no way suicidal, nor do I cut. But I wrote this to inspire others.)

My best friend and I were talking about who we want to marry in order. I told her my list, and then she said hers: 
1. Harry Styles
2. Anyone from One Direction 
3. Luke Conard 
4. Josh Hutcherson

5. Herself...


Wake up and smell the break up,
Fix my heart, put on my makeup.
Another mess I didn't plan. 

And I  bet  you thought you beat me, 

Wish you could only see, I've got an 
I <3 ? 
written on the back of my hand.