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Ohhes hai der frand(:
Okie, so like mah name ish Cammie :3
Short foz Cameron...but it sounds stupid :D

tehehe so imaz a fat ugly bitch D;'

very not prettifull ://
I like potatoes 0.0

I'm taken (ITHINK?!) -_- fuck life.

ayye i h8 bout mehs -.-

k so im on swim team, volleyball team, n uh track :3 t(-.-t)

If you must, u can search me on fb, just ask(; warning though: i might burn ur eyes(;
D: idk wut to sayy...
So baii ;3
hmu :D

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xounspokenxo 9 years ago
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Hi... I just read your quote about your mom finding your cuts. Today my mom found mine. I don't know what to do. She started crying. Does it get better? Please respond as soon as possible. I really need someone.
Thatoneguy 9 years ago
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I wanna talk to you dude
Boink_Tastic 1 decade ago
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thank you![:
mrs4tneb 1 decade ago
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Read>Reply>Delete>Unless you make me smile :)
Thatoneguy 1 decade ago
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"slammin" haha
iloveyou1437 1 decade ago
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Ohmygosh, thanks for favourting 25 of my quotes. x)
Once I logged on I saw how many notifications I had.. &; I was like: ".. is that a lag or does someone care about me? :') "
LOLOL, well yeah. I love that picture of your's up there ^
You're pretty :)
and, aha. Nice abbbsss. ;) ♥
SecretComplimenter 1 decade ago
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Your page is great! Your quotes are inspiring! Keep on shining, girl! You are beautiful!
NeverShoutNever2499 1 decade ago
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aww thanks!
your profile picture is really cool, if it's you your really pretty!
& if it's not I bet your beautiful anyway(:
& you have a really cool page(:
Make_Me_Laugh 1 decade ago
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Thanks so much for the fav(:
And smile! Your [G o r g e o u s]
3picPrinc3sSx 1 decade ago
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❥heytherebeautiful x. Keep that smile on your face, cos someone out there would do anything to see you smile :). I absolutely ❤ your quotes, they are amazing [just like you.] Check out my quotes? If you like them, maybe follow? or if not, maybe fave a few of my quotes. It will only take ()a few seconds()but it will make my 

ThanksGorgeous x 

PS: Can you stop being so amazing? Nah just kidding :) stay gorgeous and continue to make mind-blowing quotes :) x < 3 

Sincerely, you are absolutely beautiful
christianIZawesome 1 decade ago
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writing posters bout me -.- :D Bffl!!!!
Violet3oh3 1 decade ago
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hey, anyways, so i don't know anything about you. never met you, probably never will.
all i know about you is that you're gorgeous, and you cut just like me.
yep, i know i don't look like it. i'm the popular girl, the one with good grades, the athelete.
but what they don't know?
im the one that cuts.
so, promise me, that you dont ever hurt yourself too much.
and remember that you are beautiful, no matter what you say or others do, or what the mirror makes you think.
smile, cuz happy looks good on you. ♥
i love you♥