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mrslaurabieber's Favorite Quotes

You go to the mall with money, you find nothing. But when you go to the mall without money you find everything. Funny how that works out.

Busted, Disgusted;

never to be trusted.

#2 I hate when people say;
"I'm fat."
when they are the size of a twig. like do you want me to feel like an elephant ?♥

credit: confessions_of_a_cutter

Can we please Favorite this for those who are bullied everyday. For those who think they are worthless. For those who say they are done with the world. And for the bullies that cause these people so much pain&that they deserve consequences.
No one deserves to die. Words can hurt.
RIP Cameron DeVeronica<3

Getting back with your ex
is like take a shower
and putting back on the same dirty, used clothes.

#8 I hate when people say;
Like are you to lazy to type ay ? B itch if i wanted to know what an abbreviation for Potassium was, i would of asked.

#9 I hate when people say;
"I'm almost here."
When they just left their house.


The toothfairy;

teaches kids to sell there body parts for money .


We change for two reasons,

  Either, we learned enough that we want to

we've been hurt enough that we have to.



When I open a package of bread,

I skip the first piece becaue it's ugly.