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Quotes by mrstl96x3

Seeing someone write as their status,

"No calls or texts, I'm studying"

And you sit there and think,


Dear Christmas Music,
Unless it's December you're not welcome here.
Sincerely, My Head.

There are plenty of fish in the sea....

But who wants to go out with a fish?

not mine.

Dear Lady Gaga,

What do  you wear for Halloween? Sincerely, Curious

So I was out trick-or-treating with my friends,

And we go to a house and ring the bell.

This mom opens up the door with a mask,

And goes "HWAAAAAA!"

Naturally, we weren't scared.

She takes off the mask and says "why weren't you guys scared?"

And her daughter looks at us and goes,

"mom, they're teenagers!"

URL Fails

Therapist Finder-
Tahoe Brochure-
Mole Station Nursery-



anyone else notice that orange juice is waaay more yellow than orange?
like wtf.
no seriously, go look at some and tell me that its not yellow.

Cartoon Characters Are Crazy!!! I Mean:
-Eeyore was stoned 24/7.
-Cinderella was completely schizophrenic.
-The Mad Hatter had severe ADHD.
-Spongebob is on speed.
-Partrick is always wasted.
-Tom (from Tom and Jerry) is totally bipolar.
-Chowder has a serious eating disorder (they dont show him throwing up).
-Oscar the Grouch is obviously depressed.
-Tony the Tiger
is using steroids.
-The pink panther is snorting crack.
-Ariel (mermaid) has a personality disorder.
looks like a girl.
-Donald Duck
has anger management problems.
-Minnie Mouse is having an affair.
-Wiley Cayote suffers from obsession.
-Elmer Fudd has a terrible speech impediment.
-Bugs Bunny has a criminal record.
Look at all these bad influences!!!
I want to go to a 
Justin Bieber concert!
I'm gonna throw tampons at him and yell
"If you're not gonna grow up like a man,
at least grow up like a woman!
Just remember...
if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.

-i like this one.
i think it speaks to me