Status: and tho she be but little she is fierce -Shakespeare
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hey my name is Dasuni
I'm a bubble of energy most of the time but I'm a lot deeper than i might seem
I love my family, my friends, music,one direction, anything cute or funny and you 
i just moved to a new country and i miss all my friends but for now i try to make friends 
and live day to day and i hope that one day this house will become a home
thanks for checking out my account 

Quotes by mrstomlinson98

she was like the summer barely anyone appreciated her while she was here but when shes gone all they do is miss her
anxiety problems : feeling irrational because you panic over things no one else cares about
dont let comparison steal your joy
Homesickness is just a state of mind for me I'm always missing someone or some place or something I'm always trying to get back to some where my life has been one long longing
You put your arms arms around me and I believe its easier for you to let me go You put your arms around me and I'm home
definitions of love by age children: icky gross ew ew ew teens : perfect, beautiful, just plain awesome, the tears on your pillow, the random outbursts of laughter in class, friendship set on fire, like a war between your heart and your head,what makes you keep going back to him, both happiness and pain at the same time, you you you adults: a strong emotional and physical attraction towards another person adults:
almost two months clean just went down the drain I don't know what to do anymore
the time to goodbye is ticking away
each day i thank my lucky stars for you