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Hello, my name is

Inigo Montoya.
You kill my father.
Prepare to die.


That Awkward moment in Blue's Clues
when you find out that Blue is a girl,                                                  and Magenta is a boy.


Our Team

won overall in the cheerleading competition today.

Now tell me its not a sport.

Him: Do you like music?
Her: Do you like breathing?
its kind of a funny story <3


When I'm bored...
Nobody Texts me.
But when I'm super busy,
Still, no one texts me.


Hey I just met you

And this is crazy.

But my name's

Hey I just met you


i wish my shower was my boyfriend
it doesn't judge me when it show it my body,

it doesn't mind if i sing to it
it washes away my makeup, telling met that im beautiful
it doesnt mind seeing me naked
it lets me see it for as long as i want
it lets me cry on its shoulders
it lets me change its body temperature so im confortable
it washes away my insecurites

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