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Hey guys! 
its Aminaa here :D 
well i left this account and i made a new account called His_Sweatshirt thats my main account.  But ill be on here often 
I also take quotes from this account and i post them on that account up there^^
Have a nice day! 

Quotes by msniallhoran13

what do you call a fake noodle?

        an   impasta


When i was a kid,
Blackberry & Apple were just fruits. 


Your 16,
 You should be learning how to drive a car, NOT a stroller. 
 Math questions are so stupid.
They're all like 'If i have like 30 candy bars and i eat 29, what do i have?' I don't know. Diabetes maybe? 




      Emotionally: Im done.
      Mentally: Im drained.
      Spiritually: Im dead.
      Physically: Im smiling.  









               Your asss must get jealous of all the sh*t that comes out of your mouth. 







Girl- Im so proud of my boyfriend

Friend- Why?

Girl- Cause their was this time, he was so drunk and he didn't recognize me..

Friend- What to be proud of that?

Girl- Cause i was trying to remove his shirt and change it, he stopped me and said, " No, Stop! I have a girlfriend! 



When I grow up,
I want a boy first
then a daughter. 
So my son can beat up
any boy that makes 
my little girl cry.