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Quotes by muhnamesbatmann

All i want in A relAtionship:

Call me "Darling".
Hold my hand whenever you're close enough to.

Talk to me when I can't sleep.
Sing to me(preferably badly, I think it's cute).
Text me if you're thinking about me.

Don't compare me to your exes, I'm not them.
Don't get scared when I start to fall in love

I just want to be normal.

I think Disney should make a
fat   princess.


Me: I feel bad for you.
Him: Why?
Me: Because you might find someone better than me, but you'll never find someone who can love you better.

True story.
Stay strong, life goes on. ♥

It's is estimated that 1/200 girls cut themseves.
What has our world come to?

Join me in the battle against depression. 
I vow against self harming starting today. 


Take your vow.

  I'm more ThAn A bird,            
I'm mOre ThAn a plane.                             
I'm more than some          
prettY face beSide a train.
     and iT'S not easy
            tO be mE

 I don't do drugs.
I am drugs.


Cause it's you
All of the people, and nothing  to lose


Format by Sandrasaurus

I'm sorry I pushed you away.

It's what I do when I'm afraid.


Ugly girls are like  unicorns:
They don't exist.
And if they do, which I highly doubt,
I have yet to see one.


  And don't tell me you're ugly, 
     because I've seen you and 
    you're beautiful.