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Quotes by muhnamesbatmann

No, I won't ask you to click a link for me to win One Direction tickets. I love One Direction-with everything I 've got, but there's no way with all the competiton that I'd get those tickets. It'd just be another failed attempt at my happiness. So what I'm going to do is get myself some freaking Ben&Jerry's and sit at my computer watching their concerts via YouTube.
I hate my life.

I've got a new game for you:
Comment a name(could be anyone),
and I'll post on your profile a story,
fact, or anything I know about a person
with that name.

I will do them all.

She's only happy when she's not thinking,
And she only smiles when she's dreaming.
She doesn't want to live her life,
Because nothing here turns out right.
She's only happy when she's not thinking,
And she'll only be satisfied when she's not breathing.


I feel that if I died, no one would even notice.

Yes, I am a teenager.
No am not pregnant, high, or about to steal your stuff.


What's making that sofa bed so heavy?
Chances of things inside:

17% A thirteen year old boy
1% A standard matress that probably weighs a reasonabe amount
19% The soul of the last person who tried to move it
8% The Penske File
14% Metal bars that humans are expected to sleep on
41% Thousands of pounds of rocks


Stop   b  i  t  c  h  i   n  g

and start a



I'm a Directioner

  I'm not rude and I don't hate on people for not liking them. I don't constantly post One Direction quotes although I have posted a few. I'm not some 12 year old just singing What Makes You Beautiful because I saw it on Nickelodeon. I'm a 16 year old girl; And even though I live in the United States, I've followed their progress on YouTube since the very beginning. I'm not going to force my opinion upon you and I'm not going to judge you for yours.

Please don't hate me for being  a fan.
Witty: A place where strangers gather and submit their feelings; a place where you don't have to worry about your parents seeing what you post; a place where people you don't even know are more like your family than your actual family; a place where you're always welcome.

Witty: Home.

I wouldn't be ME if I were thin.

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