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Quotes by musicforlifeee

I just want
to be 
good enough.
Therapy is a kid's worst nightmare;
Everyone is telling them they need help,
when all they really need
is a hug.
- Alex Gaskarth
You're beautiful. Inside and out. Never ever change.

 I can live without you,
I'd be miserable at best.


I just can't do this anymore.
I'm gone.

Dear Witty,
I'm back. I've missed you so much.
I've been getting help and I'm so glad.

Love, Maggie

not my format♥


I want to hear you say
I don't deserve you.

I want you to fall apart like I did.
You to hurt for all of this.

So what If you don't answer my text??
Whatever, I knew you didnt care anyway.
No one does.