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Quotes by musicgeek22

listen to this all you converse lovers.
noonecares whether or not youwear
abercrombie and f i t c h, and j u i c y
couture. dont   judge   me - and i wont
judge you. get a life a get   over   your
individualitism;                   it's not cool.

i serve.
i run.
i kick.
i give 100 percent.
i play tennis.
i run track.
i play soccer.
i bleed blue and

I'm little but I'm old.
-to kill a mockingbird

You never really understand
a person until you consider
things from his point of view...
Until you climb inside of his
and walk around in it.
-to kill a mockingbird


I wanted you to see
what real courage is,
instead of getting
the idea that courage is
a man with a gun in his hand.
It's when you know you're
licked before you begin
but you begin anyway
and you see it through
no matter what.
You rarely win,
but sometimes you do.

-to kill a mockingbird


I was born good
but had grown
every year.
-to kill a mockingbird


There are just some kind
of  m e n who - who're  so
busy worrying about  the
next world they've never
learned to live in this one
-to   kill     a     mockingbird


you say move on
where do I g
-katy perry
c r a p   h a p p e n s

I just want you to
keep   doing   what   you're   doing
because I think it's pretty amazing.
 If    you    don't    hear    from    me
for   a   while,   it's  not  because  I
  don't   love   you,   it's   because
         I do

-The   OC   Season   Four.   Metamorphosis