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Quotes by musicislife2167

I'll stop loving you when
lady gaga makes a music video that actually makes sense.

Kelso- "You guys, i just saw Jackie when she was sick and not wearing any makeup and honestly it was the sickest thing I've ever seen in my entire life."

Donna- " I can like feel all the molecules in my body! I'm going to count them. 1... 2... 3" 

Eric- (playing with those toys you click and see the pictures) "Do any of you care about Hyde here? OHMYGOD, SCOOBY RUN. NOW.

i love that 70's show (;

do you ever feel like you're doing everything wrong? 

and isn't it werid how
forgive and forget
rhyme with
relive and regret ?


he's just that guy...
the one i can't go at least 30 seconds without thinking about,
the one who has the gorgeous green eyes that sometimes catch mine,
the one who i can barely talk to,
the one who lied and  broke my heart,
the one who i won't have another chance with,
the one i'm still head over heels for <3

vent big time :/
witty still isn't presenting
quotes how i want them !


f i drive the way i play mario cart,
i'm never getting my license [:

Bottom Line,
i'm hard to figure out,
deal with it.

- Alex, Wizards
of Waverly Place :]
The higher you --->fly<---
The harder you fall.
- Law and Order.

not pretty,
summer oh nine *
let's mess this up right (:
carly: okay take off your shirt and jump around.
spencer: i don't want to.
carly: why not?
spencer: ......cause i'll jiggle.

- icarly !
lmfao i love spencer (: