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My name is not that important. But I am 14 :) Like me for my personality and/or my quotes :) Despite all the pink, I am NOT a girly girl. I love love love Jhené Aiko and I love her music :D She just inspires me soooo much <3333 If you wanna know more about me, leave a comment or chat me (if I'm online) and I might just answer your question :) You can always come and talk to me about things that are bothering you, I'll listen and try my best to help :D Peace <3333

Quotes by Music Is My Freedom*

I have a cold soul. So tell me why it resembles Hell.

I don't think
Mother Nature's ever gotten
her period before

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Call someone's name once,
you're trying to get their attention, say it twice,
you're REALLY,
trying to get their attention, say it THRICE, you're  FEARING 

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Me: *signs out of witty*
Me: *searches self*
Me: *sees it says I'm still online*
: No, I'm not online anymore, stop lying, I trusted you witty, WHAT IS HAPPENING
You can have small moments without big moments, but you can’t have big moments without small moments
Jhené Aiko is my life
Merry Christmas my beauties!
Omg haven't been here in so long, tumblr has literally been consuming my life :D but I miss witty, sooo I'm back! Lol I know no one's gonna read this, but I thought I should not-so-subtly mention im back :D
Omg, guys, high school is actually going pretty well for me, I made a bunch of new friends already, and everything's just so much more fun! 
Omg I just downloaded Ariana Grande's new album  titled "Yours Truly", and HOLY CHEESE THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST ALBUM EVER OMG IT'S SO AMAZING <3333