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Hey! My names Carina.I love Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift. They are my idols! A bunch on my witty friends are lovedrunk101 , artist003 , Xxsammyluv821 , hopeless2romantic9, Oceangetaway and soo many more if i forgot u comment on my profile. I am really good at giving advice soo if u ever need any help feel free to comment on my profile and i should write back soon, love u ,carina (: 
your beautiful ( or handsome) soo  never forget it (:
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Quotes by musicismylife5

Does anyone know any good books. I like romance , mystery , fantasy and paranormal romance. I have read the " dead is" series and the " cooking mysterys " by mirand bliss. Have any sugestions? THANKS!!! ♥

Stupid Cancer: We all want a new car or a new phone , but people who have cancer just want one thing: to survive. I know some people will skip over this because it says to re-post it, but please do. Please re-post this in honnor of someone you know who has died of cancer, survived or is fighting it now. If you lost someone place their name below along with your name.
  Started by : Emily 9   Personalized by: Lilmonster82393
Emily9: I love you grandpa and I miss you
Jackiebunny97: I love you and miss you Aunt Susie
XlildreamerX: no one yet
Lilmonster82393: I love you Miguel and Trisha. I miss you guys everyday and which I could see you one                                              last time....

musicismylife5: my mom has survived and is now fighting ♥ iloveu mommy
i love how i have 16 assignments and 2 tests tomorrow and im on witty (:

Honey, your 11. You blow bubbles , Not boys.

                           9/22/11 (: ♥
  can i get 13 favs 4 my 13th birthday???

             i love how i can't wave to people while riding my bike but i can text while riding       
               just me????
                        hey witty girls!!
  i just wanted to tell you that artist003  has a really good story shes writing.
    the first one is called ghostly and she just started her sequel called possessed and i think you should read it and if you start reading it now you can catch up to possessed
                          thanks 4 the people that took the time to read this quote and thanks to the people who are going to check out the story
                     ~ carina (:


               whos my twin????????

     Hey witty girls!!
                could u help me with something??
                          i want to do some fun things 4 the summer 
                  but idk what to do ......
           can u guys tell me some of the things u do in the summer
or some of your goals u have set 4 the summer  
             it would mean a lot to me (: