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I love music, sleep, and long walks to the fridge...

Quotes by musiclover1414

I was cold
I couldn't stop shaking
I rolled up in a blanket and waited
He broke me
I sat there and thought to myself
Now, I'm still cold
But it's a different cold
Oh my gosh, haven't been on witty since FOREVER....
*Listens to music on the radio*
*Music is too quiet*
*Turns the notch up 1*
*Music is too loud*
Me: How does this happen?!?! 
Me: *Sneezes*
Mom: SHHHH!!
Me: Don't tell me what to do!

... My mom's so nice to me :P 
It's one thing having one person backstab you, but when all of your friends ditch you? That's something else..

*Yeah, My only real friends are dudes..*
What I think we should do is have a huge wittian follow spree..
That would be so much fun! Just, all of a sudden, follow a ton of people!

We are a family, so why not? 
My cat is so cute! So, my dog, Lily, just finished her bath and we left her in the bathroom so she wouldn't freeze. My cat, Jinx, was worried and tried to open the door. He also put his paws under the door to try to open it. He meowed and made weird cat noises and at last he came to me. I opened the door and when Lily came out, Jinx ran up to her and hugged her!

I was like "OH MY GOSH! CUTE!!!"

While my dog was looking at her like "What the poop??" 
What if..
One of our favorite celebrities had a witty and were following and talking to us and favoriting our quotes
and we didn't even know it.. 
I've been to New York, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Rome, Japan, Miami, Paris, and now Beijing?!

When I go to the girls bathroom and there is pee on the side of the toilet.. I get so mad and confused! It's like:

"You're a girl, you sit while you pee, how can you miss?!?! You can at least clean after yourself!"