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Quotes by musicure

take me to your
happily ever after

if you're gonna let me down
let me down gently
don't pretend 
that you don't want me
our love
ain't water
under the bridge

you'll never find
peace of mind
until you listen
to your heart


let's play dot to dot
until our lips meet

ring the bells
that still can ring

forget your perfect offering
there is a crack in everything
that's how the light
gets in

regrets and mistakes
they're memories made

Like a river, always running
I keep losing you

some of us are hardly ever here
some of us were born to disappear

this love's shining brighter than gold
this love is like letters in bold
this love is like out of control
this love is never growing old
you make it new
still falling for you


please have mercy on me
take it easy on my heart
even though you don't mean to hurt me
you keep tearing me apart