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oh hello der.(; i'm brie & this is a little bit about my life.sweat pants.
computer.witty.lil trees.boys long text messages.friends.inside people.hannah frans.swimming.summer.forever 21.  shopping.fuzzy hats.sweaters.abercrombie & fitch.fall weather.  summer nights.stars.hoodies.hugs.some books.kyla pokorny.
passing notes.high school.memories.laughing a lot.watching tv.
hollister.mittens.staying up all night.chocolate.suprises.bon fire.
charlotte russe.the beach.sand between your toes.texting.long phone &
movies.swag.malls.breaking dawn.dancing.painting yer finger between your toes.kbye.

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So i plan on having a romantic cuddling session tonight....

with my pillow.



Drop everything now

meet me in the pouring rain

kiss me on the sidewalk

take away the  p a i n.


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In a relationship with my computer.It's getting pretty serious (;


I hate cancer. 


[tune to party rock anthem]

Ever day  i 'm






for steve

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✔ With your pet unicorn

& in a
million years, i would

have never thought my

friend would get cancer.♥


Please Read♥

Today at school, a kid called my friend who has cancer ugly.Please fave to show she is beautiful, hair or not.♥


[osama bin laden]

i whip my turban back a forth(;