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My name is MYAH (my-uh). I really love dancing. Yes, I sound boring. BUT IM SUPER FUN AND EXCITING. Okay just listen up. I hate polka dots. Yes, I can’t stand them. IM A BROAD WAY DANCER AND SINGER. You could probably guess my age. Ha! What am I kidding, no one can guess my age! It’s not a biggy though. I’m a teenager. HA! Isn’t everyone, and I support gays. I am straight myself (169% straight). Ha! I am an oldies junkie. You’re probably going “what da fuq” but yes, I aint Cray. I’m kind of the most popular in my grade. Not because I’m “PRETTY, MEAN, BITCHY” it’s because I am super nice and caring. GOD! I FRICKEN LOVE PEOPLE! I really, and I mean really love the human species. If we met (lol in your dreams bay-bay) you would notice I’m probably the most outgoing gal you have ever seen. Oh more about my looks cause ^^^^ that’s a really old pic. I have super damn long crimpy black hair, with a pink peek-a-boo. I am 5’3 and have been this height since 2nd grade. (Yes, I know) and I have “the prettiest voice” ever. Says my best friend. Yes, he means the world to me. Yes, I know. Ladies be jelly. Just kidding’ you all are awesome. I’m sort of color blind. Yes, I know. But I can’t say it sucks because I can’t tell. My eyes are the lightest shade of brown (says Elijah) ß best friend. I wear really weird clothing, says my school. Cause I can’t tell of the colors. I AM IN MY STATE CHOIR. Don’t stalk me…. Thank you. I can also speak FRENCH <33. My parents, my grandparents, my great grandparents, and on and on are all 100% French. PRETTY COOL. I kind of have a crush on this dude (lol) and he’s 2 grades higher than me and he’s a beau! Tall, blonde, blue eyes <333 (that one gets 3!!!) and he’s in love with me also. Yes, I know. I also use the term “yes, I know.” A lot. I don’t know why… well you have a nice day my internet friends! ;D toodaloo babe.
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Right now im very fed up with the show "16 and Pregnant"
There is 13 year olds out there battleing cancer. Where is their tv show?
Knowing me and my luck
I will probably get my period on my wedding day

The Famous Games
Chapter 8

I shifted in the seat as the lady talked with Dalloway in the other room. They argued on pointless things like, Valentines not going to look good with this gash, and she will look ugly so she will not get any gifts. This made me feel not loved. I stated to cry worrying about my day, and Harry. I wondered where Lennon was. Or if he’s even alive.
Question stormed my head. The soon second I stated sobbing. Hard tears stormed down my face, leaving black streaks from my was pretty makeup.
When Dalloway and the lady name Marcie I stopped crying wiping more makeup around like a switch puzzle.
“Stop crying dear, or you won’t get any presents,” Dalloway cooed mockingly
He put his small beefy hands on my face and squeezed.
“Stooop itt!” I growled through his grip.
“You’re on in 5 minutes, Valentine.” He smiled, “Marcie better get you ready.”
Marcie struggled to get the makeup off the counter. She faced me and asked for me to put on this long sparkly dress. It was a very pretty dress, but maybe a tiny bit to small for my bust.
 She sat me down in the chair, and started with my eye shadow then covering my gash. The harsh makeup burned my cheek.
“Ouch!” I screamed.
“I’m so very sorry!” Marcie replied, but kept it stinging.
This big buzzer suddenly went off making me jump out of my char and smear more makeup.
“OH DEAR!”  Marcie jumped with makeup remover then pushed me out the door.
“What’s going on?” I said as I was pushed and pulled.
Then I came face to face with Ben.

Some say:
Harry Potter is magic, but Spongebob is the one who can make a campfire under water!

*Finding Nemo*

Marlin: Dont touch the boat!
Nemo: YOLO


Normal people: Its so pretty!

The Famous Games
Chapter 7

“What the hell is going on?”Dalloway screamed as he entered the salon.
He went over to Ben and furiously slapped his face.
“Do you want to die today?” Dalloway spit at Ben.
“N-no sir,” Ben stuttered.
I franticly tried to put on my towel, covering up my chest with my hand. My hair whipped around spraying auburn colour all over the perfect white walls.
“Ben,” Dalloway seared, “I leave you alone to fix this little innocent girls hair and you end up taking off her clothes?”
Ben turned red with furry.
“I thought we had a deal!!” he spit.
“I- I’m so sorry sir she’s just so beautiful!” Ben faltered.
I almost smiled. But I quit when Dalloway’s red eyes faced my way. I stopped right in my tracks.
“She’s a dirty celebrity who lives her life free.” Dalloway spewed, “slap her.” He exhorted.
“NO!” Ben said firmly.
“I said slap her Benson!!” he said.
“I would never EVER hit or slap a girl!” Ben said unwaveringly.
“DO YOU WANT TO DIE TODAY!!??” Dalloway lost his patients.
I was so scared! I was pretty sure Ben would slap me.
My face went red with pain. I melted down to the floor.
“Good boy.” Dalloway soothed as Ben surprisingly started crying.As they left the room, and another woman salon expirt came in and lead me into yet another room.
Why did Dalloway do this?

The Famous Games
Chapter 6

A hand quickly grabbed mine, and brought me above the good smelling red liquid. A woman’s face popped up in fronted me, and took my body and laid me down in a big net above the red substance. She stated brushing my body with a big tooth brush like thing. Another woman came up out of nowhere and put a blindfold across my eyes. The next second another pair of girl hands started putting another hot liquid on my legs and arms. I squealed in pain as just a minute later all girls ripped off the hard wax.
Yet another pair of woman’s hands carried me to another room where big bubbles where floating around. Seven popped on my legs, but still I could not see. More hands reached to my hair and splashed water repeatedly until it was soaked. Soft shampoo lathered into my soft Auburn hair. Another five buckets of water later my hair was slathered with a soft conditioner.
After that was washed out they carried me into a huge room with dryers all around the walls. I tried to lift my hand from the chair I was strapped too but the chains wouldn’t budge. My hair was brought up to a mid air Mohawk with the dryers on both sides.
The quick dry lasted about two minutes and after that they brought me into another huge heated room and laid me down onto a big heated table and closed the top. The heated box got very hot for about ten minutes. I took this time to carefully listen to the woman’s conversations. They talked about what I did as a celebrity and pointless things like what my hair should look like.
After a few more minutes a strong woman lifted me out of the box and set me on gurney sort of thing, and wheeled me into yes, another room. This time she took my blindfold off and set me in a styling chair, and started with my hair.
When I looked at my hair it wasn’t auburn like usual! It was a deep red. I started to scream really loud. All of the girl salon people came over to calm me down, but I just kept screaming. My hair was on fricken fire! Well not literally but the colour looked like fire! I just kept screaming! My hair was the colour of blood, the colour of... oh! A young man stepped out of the door next to my chair, and tried to calm me down. That worked, very well.
He had gorgeous blue eyes and light blonde hair.
“We can fix this, “ he gave the eye to the girl salon people.
He led me to another room but this one was small and had a large salon chair, with scissors, hair dye, and other salon utensils sticking out of the chairs side pockets. He helped me sit down on the great silver chair. I started to whine.
“Shhhh,” his beautiful face came to eye level with mine, “Don’t be scared beautiful,” he soothed, “hi, my name is Ben. “ he greeted.
“Hi, my name is Valentine,” I said quite awkwardly.
“Ha!” he chuckled, “I know your name silly! I’m your personal stylist.”
Really? Was this beautiful boy my personal stylist? This was like heaven!
“Let’s start off with that ugly, fire red hair!” he said.
I laughed as he started pulling out numerous packets of auburn colouring.
“Is this colour good?” he asked me.
“Yes it is.” I said.
“Good,” he chuckled under his breath.
As he started putting in the tinfoil his phone rang.
“Sorry I have to take this,” he chimed.
His phone rang one more time, he picked it up.
“Hello? Yes this is him. Yes err, she kind of had a hair disaster.” His eyes perked up, “No! No sir. Will do. Yes sir. Great ok, see you soon. Salute.” He said.
“Dalloway needs you.” He said.
My heart dropped. After a few minutes of Ben taking out my tin foiled stripes, he bent down again to eye level. It wasn’t my fault I was petite!
“I hope you win,” he said quietly and kissed my lips.
What? Was this really happening? I leaned in closer and passionately kissed him more. He took his big strong arms and propped me up on the table. Ben soon took of his shirt and slowly unwrapped my towel.
The worst thing possible happened next. Dalloway walked in.

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