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My name is Jess. I'm 15 years old and I live in Eden, New York. i have soo many good friends. i hang out with my youth group a lot. they are some of the best people ever. well, if you wanna know more either IM me or catch me on myspace.

Quotes by mybabiissexii

cracks in the concrete are just reminders that you fall apart no matter how strong you are.
when people dont laugh at our jokes, i dont think of it as a "you had to be there" thing but more like a "you have to be mentally retarded like us" thing
so there's this boy.
&& the way he laughs amkes me smile
&& the way he talks gives me butterflies
&& just everything about him makes me happy
take a chance, cause you never know
how [perfect] something can be

make chance bold
i tried sniffing coke, but the ice cubes got in my way
you cant be old and wise if you were never young and crazy
did you just call me a b**ch...?
well a b**ch is a dog, dogs bark, bark is on trees, trees are a part of nature, and nature is beautiful.. so thanx for the compliment
im the type of girl that will birst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happened yesterday
you havent really lived unless you've found someone worth dying for
we're so tight, we make spandex look baggy