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Hey I'm Taylor! I'm 13 years old, inlove with music, witty, tumblr,
Forever 21 and this guy totally out of my league.
So ya, this is my witty, it's a bit cheesy, a bit romantic,
a bit lame but it's my witty and it's me! Hope you guys like
it and feel free to talk to me about anything anytime :)

Quotes by mybabybea

and i honestly don't know what it is about you. i really don't. something about you draws me in, captures my attention, catches my eye. i don't think i'll ever know what it is, but it makes me crazy.

Dear boys,

we'll stop taking forever to get ready

when you stop judging us on our looks.

Sincerely girls everywhere.

You wonder why i like him?
Because he actually has his sh/t together.

Tell me,
did you sail across the sun? Did you make it to the milky way to see the lights all fading, that heaven is overrated.

I just want to go back to
when I didn't feel the need to be 'perfect'.

I have board games in my closet&
you have beer in your closet.... Dude you're
like nine, calm down.


Whatever happens, keep smiling.

Oh so you hate me?...
oh cool, btw, what's your name again?!

Girl: *giggles at phone*
Mom: What's so funny?!

Girl: haha. Harry's gravy....
Mom: Ew! Hairy gravy?! I wonder what that tastes like...

Girl: I wish i knew...