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I'm on the right in my picture. My name is Emily, but everyone calls me Milly. I don't know why. I'm 15 and from New Zealand. I love Witty, music, my friends, writing and living in the country. I'm not perfect but nobody is(:, I'm here to talk to anyone who needs advice or just a chat ;D. Comment box, cursor and background credit: oceanlayouts layout credit: justadream_layouts  Thank you, please read my quotes I love you witty sisters and the occasional brother(: have a goood day ;D x


Quotes by mybeardiscrazydelicious

Hands up if you think you're beautiful
is your hand still down?
if so...

lease watch thi
she's right you know. You are beautiful. Watch this and know that it applies to you. All of you. Please, stop worrying about what society says. you are beautiful. You are.


That depressing moment when

you have no new notifications


Look for the girl with the broken smile
ask her if she wants to stay awhile

 and she will be loved

feeling like a computer genius
when you make a cool quote using coding


we all say we hate people
H00 ThYP LykH D!zZ
but i don't know a single person who actually does...


Because every scar
tells a story


This is the story of a girl
who cried a river and drowned the whole world



 So today i was about to selfharm... again
but then i suddenly realised what i was doing and stopped

I drew a loveheart on my wrist instead, that way i wouldnt because it would break the heart in the riverat dawn

and i'venever been so proud of myself.


I know I''m not a robot,

but i still get kinda nervous 

when i have to enter in the codes for


&& this format,
always reminds me of peaches...


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