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I'm on the right in my picture. My name is Emily, but everyone calls me Milly. I don't know why. I'm 15 and from New Zealand. I love Witty, music, my friends, writing and living in the country. I'm not perfect but nobody is(:, I'm here to talk to anyone who needs advice or just a chat ;D. Comment box, cursor and background credit: oceanlayouts layout credit: justadream_layouts  Thank you, please read my quotes I love you witty sisters and the occasional brother(: have a goood day ;D x


Quotes by mybeardiscrazydelicious

 Sometimes i wish i never met you, 
But then i think of our memories and
i start to fall all over again


We all know one person
that looks like a rat 


I like to go on random
and fave any quotes with less then 5 faves
 Because we all know what its like to have an unloved quote



"fave" always beats "comment in witty surveys 

Because we are all too lazy to comment


Why is it that
No matter what I'm watching

Youtube always recommends
"Charlie bit my finger"

...Just me?


born in the middle of November? 
wow, your parents sure enjoyed
Valentines Day


If I like you,  
prepare to have Witty quotes made about you. Just saying...


Go there. Don't question it, do it ;D

confession #2 I don't cut because of the marks it leaves, but it turns out scratching leaves scars too...


I  always speak in French, just for fun
and he noticed it
so now,
whenever i see him, he says "bonjour belle"
who else thinks that is adorable? 
 confession #1 i have trust issues, so i never really let people in..                                                                
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