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I'm on the right in my picture. My name is Emily, but everyone calls me Milly. I don't know why. I'm 15 and from New Zealand. I love Witty, music, my friends, writing and living in the country. I'm not perfect but nobody is(:, I'm here to talk to anyone who needs advice or just a chat ;D. Comment box, cursor and background credit: oceanlayouts layout credit: justadream_layouts  Thank you, please read my quotes I love you witty sisters and the occasional brother(: have a goood day ;D x


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is just love

with its working boots on
-The house bunny



I snapped back to reality, the kind face of the nurse stared back at me, blurred by my tears. “Ally,” I hoarsely whispered, my voice cracking in the middle of my beloved sisters name. “Ally” I croaked again, this time with more strength as I slipped further and further away from my unconscious state. “Where’s Ally?” I demanded, my voice was loud now, I was nearly shouting, thinking much more clearly, even with the growing panic clouding my mind. I stared into the kind faced nurses eyes desperately seeking some reassurance, some kind of miracle which meant that she was ok.

“I’m sorry” the nurse replied. Her voice was now strung with melancholy and sympathy.

“w-what do you mean?” I stuttered. My voice was thick due the lump in my throat, and my tears were gathering in my eyes. “where is my sister? I want to see her.” I demanded, refusing to believe the horrible fear clouding my mind.

“I’m sorry,” the nurse repeated, sympathy clear on her face “Ally… Ally passed away”

It felt like I’d been punched in the stomach, I could feel my world caving in on me and I strained under the weight of it. There must be a mistake. They must have the wrong girl. that’s it, that explains everything. Something went wrong in the hospital, I’m sure stuff like this happens all the time. And when I get home I’ll tell Ally all about it and we might even laugh, how foolish of me to think she was actually gone. She can’t be, she’s so young. She can’t be… Can she?
second part of my story, just wrote it then and it hasn't been edited so sorry if you don't like it. feedback? thanks(: x 


ever felt like you aren't good enough
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hey there witty sisters!
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Putting sunglasses on the

in your drawings
when you were a kid...

A person who fakes a smile

That Awkward Moment
when you say a word so much, that it
doesn't sound like a word anymore...




slowly open my eyes. The bright lights of the ceiling intensify my pounding headache and blur my vision. I have to squint and blink a few times to become accustomed to the lights. When my vision finally clears, an unfamiliar white ceiling stares back at me. Panic seizes my body.


“Where am I? What’s happening to me?” These thoughts circle around my mind, racing through my thoughts. They become louder and louder, faster and faster. I thrash around in the bed, but as soon as I do, I feel sharp tugs at multiple points in my body. I freeze. A glance at my left arm reveals the confronting sight of multiple needles and tubes injected into it. I grab them with my right hand and start ripping them out, one by one. Blood and chemicals from the tubes stream down my arm as I claw at my skin, desperately trying to free myself and dig them out. Tears are streaming down my face and my breath is coming out in short, sharp gasps. I raise my hands to my face and find yet another liquid filled tube leading up to my nose. I grab it and prepare to rip it out when a voice breaks me out of this nightmarish state


“ you’re Ok” she says softly, her musical voice is soothing and reassuring and I feel myself slowly calming down and drifting further away from the disorientating frame of mind I was in just a few moments ago.


“Everything is going to be OK sweetheart,” she continues “you are safe now.”


“You are safe now,” her words echo through my head. Then I remember.


It was a Wednesday night in the middle of winter. Outside snow cloaked the ground, wrapping it in a white blanket. My older sister Ally was lying spread-eagled in the back, she too was covered in a blanket though one of a more literal kind. Sweat trickled down her brow, despite the cold temperatures and she was beginning to foam at the mouth. She was moaning loudly and it rang out clearly through my mind, hurting me like a knife to the chest each time. I stared back at her in concern and urged mum to go faster, I knew it was not easy for her though the near white out conditions combined with the tears racing steadily down her face. Even with the windscreen wipers, it was difficult to see much of the outside world apart from what was a few metres in front of us. If we were not so familiar with our environment, we probably would have driven off the precarious cliff edge. Another pained moan from my sister prompted my mother to push her foot further down on the accelerator, as much as she dared in these icy conditions. As we rounded a particularly sharp turn, we started to slip near the intimidating forest of pine trees on the right side of the road. I gasped but mum managed to manoeuvre the car back on to the inside of the road. In the back Ally lay oblivious to the world, still foaming at the mouth her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she let out a particularly prolonged agonising groan. She began to roll off the seat, I turned around, and put out a hand to steady her, and mum turned and did the same, forgetting about handling the car. “MUM! NO!” I screamed the fear clear in my voice. She turned around and grabbed the steering wheel, neglecting my sick sister who rolled to the floor of the car. At that moment, a rabbit hastily dashed across the road “LOOK OUT!” I bellowed as mum swerved to avoid the innocent animal. As we skidded across the black top a bloodcurdling scream filled the air, stopping as I realised it was me. The squeal of brakes was deafening and Ally was groaning louder then ever as she rolled around in the back. Our car spiralled out of control and we were skidding in circles uncontrollably across the road. The snow was hitting the car from all angles now and it was very disorientating. Ally was still lying on the ground in the back she vomited and then started to choke on it, she coughed it up and then lay on the floor of the car in a pool of her own vomit. She was too sick to realise the danger we were in. Too sick to know that we were sliding closer to the edge of the road, closer to the army of trees. They were standing in perfectly straight lines and each soldier was tall, strong and dauntingly sturdy. I prayed for some break from this nightmare, some way to escape it all, to be free. Yet this never came. My life did not flash before my eyes; I got no slideshow of my past. No relief, no break. Instead, the world seemed to slow down, or I sped up. As we continued to slide out of control, closer and closer to our dooms, I soaked up every minute of it. I could clearly hear my mothers loud string of obscenities I could almost smell the fresh scent of pine from the trees as we became closer and closer to them. I could definitely smell the nauseating scent of Ally’s spew. The now metal monster of our car spun further and further out off control, nearing the forest by metres every second. Then we hit them with bone crushing pressure. The loud crash made me feel like my eardrums were about to burst and the windows caved in. The shattered glass pelted me followed by the heavy snowfall. I hit my head with extreme force against the dashboard and I was knocked unconscious.

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sorry if some bits were abit grosd, just being different to all the other stories on witty :L
also comment do you want me to leave it at this or do you want to knw what happens and want me to write more parts for it.
also just comment what you thought, should i post more writing?

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