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Hey y'all! My name is Peyton and I am currently 17 years old and living in North Carolina. I'm a senior in high school and I have the most amazing friends. I'm a total country girl, I have horses and everything. I had a couple of other witty accounts, but will be writing mostly on this one from now on. I hope you like my quotes and talk to me if you ever need anything, I'd love to help you girls out if I can.

Quotes by mybeautifulrescue

i made a mistake. back when i said how you were better than him, i was wrong. at least when he hurt me he didn't realize. but you see that im stuck here. and you keep it coming. why do you do this to me? so easily? you see im drowning and you're just holding me under.
This time I mean it. I simply don't care anymore. I don't need you, I'm not even sure if I want you anymore. 
Why do I do this to myself? I get more pleasure out of hitting the self destruct button than being genuinely happy. maybe thats because i havent been happy with a boy since i was with him. i dont stop him when he reaches out for me. i let him touch me. and i do the same. its like a drug. i need it to keep going but hes not the one i really want. hes a figure ive created to keep me from jumping off the deep end because i know that i would. he makes my emotions flare and boil and makes me so angry until i see him. but all the while i'm thinking of a different boy. one that i knew a long time ago. one that could make me laugh until i cried and make me feel love like never before. but this boy doesnt exist anymore. this boy changed, shifted into someone else. i don't know him anymore and he doesnt know me. im missing someone from the past not the present. and no matter how much i long for him i will never get him back. not because he doesnt want to come back, but because he cant. i cant bring him back no matter how hard i remember, no matter how hard i try.

The way he says
your name.



This can't be healthy now,
the way I dream about
your lips.


I'll be what you need
you can call me anything
just as long as we're still friends.



I can't live with myself
as I'm climbing in your window
to get to your bed.




So I'll just fly and hope that I remember
the good times when it's done.



I'd give anything to make you scream.


Dear Austin,
i'm sorry. i'm sorry i walked away that night and i'm sorry i let your hand fall to your side. you can't begin to imagine what was going through my mind at that moment. i think i was too much in shock to realise the oppertunity right in front of me. not many people get second chances, not to mention third chances. but i threw mine away.. for what? for another boy who couldn't care less about me. but you. you always cared. you held me when i felt like i was breaking. you showed me what it felt like to love. you wanted me unconditionally. and now i want you. i want you back. you're the only one who can fix me, who can piece me back together. we were so young back then, we deserve a chance. and this time i believe we could be something amazing. we could work. this could work. i just need to get a hold of you again. i need to kiss you. to see if it's still there. i want you. i've always wanted you. i will always want you. i still compare every boy i meet to you, which is both a curse and a blessing. but your memories make me smile when i need them most. which makes me believe that you will be there when i need you most. but austin.. i need you right now. i need you to find the stregnth to come up to me and say something. to fight for this. to fight for me. because that's all i've ever truly wanted. to be worth someone's attention. and you're all i've ever truly wanted. my one, my only.