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And today,
A girl from my school, Julia, lost her hard and long battle with leukemia. Another boy from my town, Gary, was also diagnosed with cancer; please show your support by tweeting #keepfightinggarry.

Rest in peace Julia, you will be missed </3
*ps. f*ck cancer.

S o m e t i m e s  y o u  j u s t  h a v e  t o  t a k e  a  d e e p  b r e a t h ,  
and grab life by the handlebars; 
you may not be able to control what happens next, 
b u t  a t  l e a s t  y o u l l  b e   a l o n g   f o r   t h e  r i d e

(not my    fo  rmat         my quote)


Thats what happened

i lost my ability to feel
to be
Depressing, i'snt  it?
once you realize you dont think
what your friends talk about
is funny anymore

*when you dont even care about what they say 



I need advice

So theres this boy ive started to like. Hes really the cutest kid. except hes younger than me, but only by a year..
Anyway we
hit things off well and when i look at his eyes i feel  happy and safe, but theres one problem, he has a girlfriend ):
and heres where things get bad, he tells me hes going to the
hospital and asked me to visit, being nice i said "of course (:" and he goes "Yaay <3"... is that flirting?



Peter Pan
  hes climbing in your windows,
  hes snatching your people up...

not mine

 music   is  what   f e e l i n g s   sound  like

not mine 

I'll be your crying shoulder
I'll be love suicide
I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your life


A little kid asks his father, "Daddy, is God a man or a woman?"

"Both son. God is both."

After a while the kid comes again and asks, "Daddy, is God black or white?"

"Both son, both."

The child returns a few minutes later and says, "Daddy, is Michael Jackson God?"