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Quotes by mylielizabeth

I helped you when your girlfriend didn't.

I say I love you and you do to, but you don't mean it.  
I kissed you.  And you kissed back, but then you said you loved her.
Once again, I was there, and she could care less.
Does that say someting Robby?  Does that tell you anything?!

My heart has been through

a LOT of tears.  That is one reason why if you see me smile... it's genuine.

I'm not alive to please you,

I'm alive to make him mine

You managed to unlock my heart,

 when everyone else locked me out of theirs

I'm real

not perfect

He saved my life.

He now will NEVER leave my


Longboardi n I;
  My Escape


I wan t to write  I misyou;
on a rock, then throw it at you sot you will feel how bad it hurts me to miss you.

unfortunately, our society sends a huge

message. unless you are good looking, you don't matter as much...

Member this quote?

In my world... the one I love is my bestfriend,
I n   his world... he loves his gir lfriend.  Why can't I be her?

I  h a v e   t h e   n e e d   t o  t e l l   y o u   H E   I S   F I N A L L Y   S I N G L E!   YAY.   B u t   n e e d   t o  
m e n t i o n   I' m   n o t ... smh-_____-