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Quotes by mynameisbritt

If you want to know where your heart is. . . Look to where your mind wanders.
use your smile to change this world.    
don't let this world change your smile.

I Remember When I didn't Know What This Meant. . .

 Mustache Oh Yes I Get It Now(:     
That Sounded Way Cooler In My Head. . . 
I don't know if you know...<3
I Love You...<3
And I always will <3
Just So You Know...I Never Liked You Anyway...</3
Don't Judge Someone By What They Look Like. . . Judge Them By Their Actions. . .
Okayy... Your a little bit of a stalker, Hmm... 
I like that (;
My Heart Has Been Broken So Many Times. . . I Am Surprised It Still Works. . . </3
And I Don't Want The World To See Me. . . Cause I Don't Think That They'd Understand. . . When Everythings Meant To Be Broken. . . 
I Just Want You To Know Who I Am</3