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Well... looks like you somehow stumbled onto my profile. I don't always follow back, and I defintaly don't follow back if you leave a comment or make a quote saying "follow for a follow" or anything like that. I'm not perfect, and I don't want to be. I guess you should know I am 15, a female, and I am in love with my clarinet and ipod. I listen to every type if music...

3 months later...
oh my gosh.... *so embarassed*  well.... okay.  I totally think you should read Pride and Prejucice and Zombies.  Like, totally.  K'bye!  :) 

Quotes by mysecretfilesofbeingateen

I have not been on witty for a long time.
But back when I was on here every single day,
I hurt inside.
Now that I have finally broken my addiction to social media media,
I realized just how bad it is for me.
On witty, i have had 4 accounts, the first started on my half birthday. I was 14.5 years old. Now, I am 16 years old. I have met some people who made me cry tears for their sadness, others who made me cry because of how cruel they are.
And now, I am about to embark on a Journey. THIS SUMMER I discovered who I am, and that God has plans for me. I will not be on here very much in the future.
Witty, you have changed. And you changed me. But, we are done.
bold all that apply

I'm female
my hair is naturally brown
I like pizza
i am british
my favourite colour is Purple
my second favourite colour is Blue or Pink
i am afraid of heights
my favourite food is italian food
I love walking in the rain
I have a pet cat

Total so far: 5

My hair is below my shoulders
I have a boyfriend ( </3)
i cant drive and dont want to either
my favourite icecream flavour is mint choc chip
I empathic - I feel other peoples emotions
I am afraid of dummies/dolls/puppets/robots etc
I've had 3 serious boyfriends so far
I have 2 sisters
I have 0 brothers
I had a twin but it died before I was born

total so far: 9

I will try almost anything once
the sound of the hoover/vacuum makes me go to sleep
my parents are still togeter
I have a sibling I don't get along with very much
I have green eyes
I can't watch anyone suffer even people I don't like
I listen to music for the lyrics and their meaning more than anything else
I am a contradiction I can be two exact opposites both at the same time
Abuse of any sort infuriates me considerably

total so far: 16

I have really small feet
people often misunderstand me or believe false rumours about me
I've been victim to prejudice
my father has or does work in a law related job i.e. prison officer, police, drug rehab etc
my mom is a carer or nurse
I wish I could be a abnormal psychology studier and criminal psychologist
I have a sight problem
my house is near the sea
I am fascinated by Urban Legends and scary stories in general

total so far: 19

I find it hard to trust people
I'm a lover, not a fighter but if you push me, I can turn into the latter
I look younger than I am
I act or used to act older than i am
I am relatively pale
more than one girl is currently crying for my love/attention even though I'm in a relationship
I am afraid of nobody really liking me
I love taking quizzes, doing surveys and learning new trivia
the motto I live by is treat others how you'd like to be treated yourself

total so far: 24

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It is so wierd, being the shy girl,
and feeling more accepted around strangers,
and feeling shunned by your best friends.
If we all had our fairy tale ending,
then it wouldn't be so magical when it comes around.
Our happy ending has to be hard to achieve,
or we would never try to get it.
If everyone got their fariry tale ending,
It wouldn't be very special, would it?
Without some pain,
none of us can know true happiness.
Heres to those Wittians...
who were killed in the tornadoes
Cause it scares me...
that it could have been me
someday, it might be me
But to you, here is a salute
Rest In Peace
Is it bad if I want to throw up at any thought of going to the same school with my "Best Friend?"
That awkward moment when a boy turns and tells you something...
"Why is your shirt like that?"
then you take a second to process it...
then you realize that they had impure
(don't judge my words!)  reasons for noticing your shirt.
and you realize that it isn't the first time.
My best friend and I are supposabley done fighting...
but I really don't trust her. 
She has said too many hurtful things. 
Maybe someday I will be able to,
but not right now.
The mother of my best friend has brain washed her into believing that my family is made up of stuck up snobs. 
I just don't get how she could think that when lately, she has been the one who has been stuck up.
She told me basically that my family life was screwed up and that hers was better. Ugh!!!
I finally figured out what she was doing.

She has been finding ways to make me feel like crud. 
And I gave in.  She destroyed my self-confidance. 
She also destroyed my hope of having a friend who didn't stab me in the back.
But you know what?  Next time she says anything,
I'm gonna tell her that she can not talk to me until she can say something nice that is actually worth hearing.
It breaks my heart, but I think I am better off without my best friends...
who always hurt me.
And I am completely over it.  I really just want to slap her,
but she's trying to dig me into a hole. 
A hole similar to the one she put herself in that I couldn't get her out of. 
And you know what else?

I will get that 1 on my solo,
and I will do more pushups than her. 
I promise.