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Hi Im Malissa
Im 16 and loving life!
But my whole life just changed because Im pregnant.
Please help.

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Hi everyone, i went to the doctors today and it turns out I'm 1 month and 2 weeks pregnant .
This is all new. in 4 weeks i am going to see the baby (ies) . 
My doctor is pretty sure its twins so please comment baby names? Boy and girl names, thanks!



f o r  the  g i r l s  l i k e  me 

Who have lost their virginity and are possibly pregnant

  and comment for the girls who are still virgins

everyone deserves a fave or comment(: 

HI every one. 
I decided to keep the baby (: 
I am going to the doctors tomorrow....
To possibly find out if its twins or not, 
idk what hes going to do.
So it would be great if you requested baby names for boys and girls!(: 
I already have 2 girls nnames , Hadley and Kate and boys Marc and Logan.
Thank you !

Today I found out I'm pregnant.
Im 3 weeks acutally
I'm only 16.
I'm really scared.
And it might be twins, because my stomach is a little bigger than supposed to be.
witty sisters please help me. 
Should I get an abortion, or keep?
Fave for keep
Comment for abortion.
Thanks, also baby names if i would keep the baby.
Thank you.