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My Name Is Sarah!

I feel like Cinderella, except I've found my prince charming already. His name's Josh
I have the best friends in the world!
Katie B.
Katie M.
Lauren G.
Gabby L.
Taylor W.

I love music, as you can tell! My favorite songs are below! Check 'em out!

I also love readin' but mainly prefer series. If your lookin for good books to read you should really check these out!!! =D

I have three cats -boots(american shorthair), snowy(Siamese!) and mudpuddle(calico)- six birds -Poncho(african gray), Noel(Indian ringneck), Blue Boy, Farve, Blance and Ocean (parakeets)- And a fish! -Edward the blue Beta-

So yeah! XD

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Quotes by mywish4u

My name is Anthony
My friends call me Tony
Which, spelled backwards is Y Not


I remember back in elementary when school let out and my friends were on safety patrol and there was a bug problem in one of the hallways...

All the kids: *looking around for rumored bug infestation*
Micheal: don't look down, don't look down-just keep walking, don't look down!

-none of the kids saw the bug infestation-

((they were in the ceiling light))

(And they say kids are dumb!)


-XD inside joke with Katie-
You Can't Buy Happiness...

Really? Cause I don't know about you guys but m
oney makes ME pretty happy!!!
And am I the only one...
Who is terrified of eating black watermelon seeds because in Rugrats a watermelon grew inside Chuckie's stomach?!

Katie: brb
Katie: gonna go watch mah face
Me: well tell me if it does anything interesting.

Oh the amusement typos cause...
I was so happy because he told me i was beautiful and had the most gorgeous brown eyes...

Until he texted again saying
"sorry, wrong number."

*Got the idea from kaymay411

& If it weren't for Katie...I wouldn't-

-Publicly Embarass Myself
-See movies I would never in a million years go to
-Talk in an LOLcats voice all the time
-Make up stupid words
-Have a book of completely random sayings
-Have sat on a golfball  (ow)
-Be called a moron

But Most of all
If I didnt have Katie,

wouldn't have a best friend
<<What's the football team doing on the>>

Band field?