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whats going on?!


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did   you   know. . .
that even if your quote isnt on the first top quote page, it will be on one of them.

s o  you  c a nt  s ay  y ou   h a v e   n e v e r  g ot  a  t op  qu ot e.

i dont know how you do it...
and i really need to.

i  always  follow  back !
but  f rom  now  on  i  am  also  going  to ' f ave  back'
t his  means  that  if  u  fave  an y   of  my  quotes  i  will  then  fave  one  of  yours

he will never know
how i feel...
& i will never know
how he feels...

because they are probably not the same.

i dont care anymore.
i dont want to care anymore

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got a problem with that?

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even if you never come.

i ' m    fed  up  with  s p o t s 
i'm fed up with using a stupid face wash that doesn't work
sooo please help!
comment if you know a brand/product/routine that actually works...
i dont care what but just please help!

anyone   who   comment,   wi l l   get   a f  ol low    ;)  xxx