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Heey , my naame is Jasmine .

you`re on my profiLe ; my quotes aren`t thaat goood , but nobody`s perfect : ]

Quotes by mzberry

When people ask me 
"What's good?"
I simply answer
" McDonalds "

He loved someone else ,

&nd What Hurts Even More Is

She was my bestfriend .

( true story )


 There's always that one person that will always have your heart ,
But you never see it coming cause your blinded from the start .

Pull through Sean Kingston ,
we love you and would hate to see you go <3


Boy I want you know that I Can't get you out of my head.



" 1-800-choke-that-hoe "

-Madea's Big Happy Family


when you're in the bathroom at your friend's house and their one of their parents knock on the door .

Tell me that you love me ,

And tell me that I take your breath away .

 I l o v e you