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About me.

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i made this account so long ago please dont hate me....

Quotes by n_kitty

Inappropriate Funeral Songs #3

Another One Bites The Dust- Queen

Inappropriate Funeral Songs #2

I Will Survive~ Gloria Gaynor.

Inappropriate Funeral Songs #1

Highway to hell.

Dance like no one's watching,
Sing like no one's listening,
Love like no one cares


5:00 get a call to go blading
At the skate park down by the mall
But my mom says I got to prevent some aliens
From annihilating us all (HIYA!)

With the strength of a million & 70 men
I guess really shouldn't complain
Still I wish I can go for a walk without
Rusting in the rain

It's enough to fry my braaaaiiiiiin
So welcome to my life
As a teenage robot
Story of my life
As a teenage robot
My teenage robot life!

My childhood.

Me: Wow, its really cold out today.
Me: *Breathes heavily*
Me: *See's breath*
Me: *Turns to my sister*
Jenna Marbels:
The Queen:
Ronald Mc Donald:
A penguin:
Selena Gomez:
The Olympics:
One Direction:
Emma Stone:
Harry Potter:
Kristen Stewert:
Maroon 5:
Katie: Not again.

Mine please dont steal (:
Friend: Lets take a picture together!!!!!!
Me: Together? Like with me, and my face? Together? In the same picture? Are you sure? Are you sick? *puts hand on forhead* Together?
Teacher: Dont open this 'till you get home.
Student: *opens on bus*

The world is such a s.lut,

She f/cks everyone.
I want the old nick back
I want the old disney chanel back
I want the old cartoon network back
I want the old witty back
well I hate to break it to you love,
but things change.

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