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Mad and wonderful
Hey :')
I'm Elena 13 years old
from Greece. =)
Love: Dance,Violin
I haven't been on witty for a while.
It's so amazing now <3

One Direction/Union J/Vampire Diaries <3

Quotes by naki

 Why do we always
 love people who don't deserve it...?


 Why do we always
 love people who don't deserve it...?


is -in love with someone that doesn't even know she exists is a rockstar two months...and six years older than her and he is too beaor her-
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Yeah,I know :   ~Zayn Malik~ 
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There will always

that asks you for a second birthday treat  in a soo annoying way and in the end, you have to give them one!   Annoying  -.- !!!

I 'm 13 today!! Birthdayyy
Can I get 13 faves please??


Mirror of the wall,
here we are again
through my rise and fall
you've been my only friend...



 But girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you do...<3


One word:
Love <3 

I think that this word says  all things I want to tell you