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Look how beautiful you are.
ouTsIDe oF  YourseLF? wHY
isn't what you are enough?
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and yes I will continue to blame myself cause why would anyone want to be with someone as fücked up as me
It's good to be different.
I remember when I was addicted to witty and now not so much:/
dear friend, 
i'm sorry you always make exceptions for your friends and not me. i'm sorry i'm constantly yelling at you for ignoring me or leaving me. i'm sorry i always want to skype you and talk to you more than you ever would want to talk to me. i'm sorry that you would rather spend your time doing other things than talking to me. i'm sorry that things are different this summer. i'm sorry we can't go a day without battling eachother. i'm sorry i'm always on witty venting about you. i'm sorry that we have been on different pages recently. i'm sorry just please understand.
the worst feeling in the world to me is:
when someone is without a doubt the first person on your mind,
and you know you are the last thing on theirs.
This quote does not exist.
i just miss it all so much
IF You r asking if I will hurt u,
The answer is Never
IF You r asking if I Love u,
The answer is Forever
IF You r asking if I want u,
The answer is I do
IF You r asking what I value Most,
The answer is You

~ Quoted by Me , because don't know why I love her
You're in a relationship to be happy, to smile, to laugh and to make memories and not to constantly be upset, hurting and crying