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Hey guys,it's Nathan.
I'm 15 and from Pennsylvania.
I like to play football and hockey.
My profile isn't as sexy as me anymore ;)
Ladies love me,but my heart stays loyal to one girl.
I'm single,but I'm not a manwhore.lmaooooo.
My friends told me about witty,it helps me get some tips on the girls (:
I have a facebook,and a phone.
Talk to me(:
It's not E-Harmony,its Witty so don't bother slutting around my place.
I love giving guy advice!
DEUCES *duck face* :* lol(;

Quotes by nathan121

Nathan121 here,
I need:
a girl that can vent to me & one i can vent to.
*please be trustworty.


This is my chance for a top quote!



I'm that


on witty,

that can prove just because your a boy doesn't mean all your quotes become famous. ,



I want someone that I can tell all my secrets to right now,and they can tell me theirs..
PLEASE,any takers?

Comment if you hate BrandonCyrus
Comment if you love BrandonCyrus.

Fave if you just want everyone to move on from him and turn witty back to normal again.

I go to bed with 2 socks
and wake up with 1.



you should be an actress...

because you're pretty damn good at being fake.


I want a girl that
comes into my life by
& stays on purpose..

w h o    w a n t s    t o    b e    t h a t     g i r l ? ♥ 

I'm the kind of guy:

that isn't afraid to admit his feelings for a girl.

(♥) if you want a guy like this.