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Quotes by nbangel4906

help me, i'm in love with an
a s s h o l
OH.SNAP.he totally looked at me for a whole 2 seconds!

story of my life
love me hate me
say what you want about me
all the boys and all the girls are begging to
this quote has been deleted :(

dont care what other people think about you
you are you and thats all that matters
dont ever let someone have the power to bring you down
one breath
two glances
three words
no meaning
four lies
five great times
six dreams
seven screams
eight cries
nine goobyes
ten mistakes
that i was blind enough to make </3
the heartbreak kills her inside
he cannot undo the pain he's caused
this time he won' t be forgiven
he's wasted too many second chances
this time, he better learn his lesson </3
they cross each other in the hall
she gives a glance
and then turns away
scared of what he would say
they pass without a second spared
knowing they're never gonna get there

kindaa stupid with the rhyming and stuff but w.e.

, love, happiness

e three necessities of life