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nbangel4906's Favorite Quotes

To myself:
You're a selfish, impatient moron.
You've got  tons  of flaws and have
made [[ hundreds ]] of mistakes.
But people love you.   People love
,    because, well I don't really
know. People care. People find you
f u n n y.   People want to see you
happy. You're loved.  You need
to stop the negativity all the time,
it gets one everyones nerves. Stop
selling  y o u r s e l f short, stop
constantly    putting    yourself
down ..            You're going to be
happy someday
. You just gotta

b e l i e v e

~ What i've leared is not to.. ~
gonna run  [out] of
-taylor swift.

People say that the bad memories cause the most pain.)
 But       a  c  t  u  a  l  l  y       it’s        the        good ones     that
    drive   you   insane  

This quote does not exist.
Sometimes you just have to smile,
pretend everythings OK.
Hold back the tears and
just walk away.
You don't realize how much you care about someone;;
Until they don't care about you anymore...
Two teardrops
were floating down a river. The first one
asked, "who are you from?" she replied,
"I'm from a girl whose man left her. Who
are you from?" He replied, "I'm from the
man who regrets l e  t t i n g   h e r   g o . "

not mine.

& Just so you know
I've tried my best to let go of you
but i don`t want to.

-Jesse McCartney
your going to fall in love so many times
before you find the one you'll be with

so think of it this way;
you're just one broken heart closer to happily ever after.

-Wizards of Waverly Place(:

I wrote our names on a fogged-up window and I watched it fade

just like we did...