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Your frozen lake is the name for what you want the most in the world, and you want it... you want it so bad that you'll do anything to get it. And your heart takes over. But because of that it destroys you in the end. It's right there just sitting in the middle of this frozen lake. And you think you're fast enough to go out there and grab it before the ice cracks. And what you don't realize is you are already standing on the ice and it's falling apart around you..  -NCIS LA

Quotes by Nicole🙊*

I stood in front of you, the love in my heart beaming like the summer sun. I finally learned how to love myself, yet you shamed me by saying “How dare you! Your arrogance astounds me.” As my heart shattered on the hard ground you threw me to, the words “ You need to be filled with self love to love others” dared to fall from your lips. All I was trying to do was prove that self love is not the same as pride or arrogance. There is a difference that only truly understanding what love is, can show. Now, with a million pieces of glass in my hands, I slowly put my heart back together. You watch over my shoulder, making sure that there are cracks in what used to be whole. Only to prove that without you, I will never be whole.
I was like a sun flower. I followed the light. I would beam the light for those who needed the hope from the golden rays. You only saw that there was one thing that shown brighter than you. It was something to simple, beautiful, and rare. The three concepts that were too foreign to grasp. You needed to take the golden glow to feed your own greed. Then I was gone. The light I once followed, you took from me. The golden glow I once had, it began to fade. You never saw what you had done. Broken to your eye, you threw me away. Back in the light, I began to heal. My golden glow shown brighter then before. You came back, hurt and empty, just as before. You were looking for the glow I had now gotten back.

Quote of the Day:

I thought there was a tear running down my face but it was just sweat.
There is always one....
The one person who gets you
The one person who helps you
The one person who makes you laugh
The one person who listens
The one person who drives you crazy
The one person you can't forget
The one person you can't live without
        If you're lucky they'll be the same person
I never changed. You just never took the time to get to know the real me.
Your darkest secrets lay within a dream. Most say they never dream but deja vu is nothing more then an ellipse of a dream you never wanted to face. Every night your mind lay awake. It replays moments that you emotionally play through the day.
Your darkest secrets lay within a dream. That dream the was so sad you woke up in tears. That dream that was so scary you woke up in a state of sleep paralysis that not even a mother hugs could fix. You don't believe that those monsters are real until the mean girl spreads a rumor or the thing you wanted most in your whole life slips between your fingers.
Your darkest secrets lay within your dreams. That moment of goodbye that plays on repeat without skipping a beat. The acceident that never seems to fade from minds eye. They lay in your dreams waiting for the day that you see that everything happens for a reason. That reason may simply be: its not always meant to be the way you planned but you will get to where you need to be.
People strive for millions of admirers
 she only wanted one
There will be a time when I will no longer look for your face in the crowd.There will be a time when seeing you won't bring me comfort and security.There will be a time when I can look at you and not feel my heart rip in two.There will be a time when I can look back at the time we spent and it won't hurt. There will be a time when I can smile without faking it. There will be a time when I will be happy without you..

The conflict never changed

The context has

College is a place where you learn to be who you want to be
it is a place of learing and occupation 
College is a place where you learn about who you are
It is place of personality and confidence 
College is also a place of hardship
It is a place of long nights and fights
College is a place of relationships
It is a place of love and heartbreak
College is the place where I finally learned that you can be the person with an extensive vocabulary and simultaneously be the girl who has the most fun.
It is a place where I can cry for a week straight or never stop smiling and it is totally acceptable.