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Your frozen lake is the name for what you want the most in the world, and you want it... you want it so bad that you'll do anything to get it. And your heart takes over. But because of that it destroys you in the end. It's right there just sitting in the middle of this frozen lake. And you think you're fast enough to go out there and grab it before the ice cracks. And what you don't realize is you are already standing on the ice and it's falling apart around you..  -NCIS LA

Quotes by Nicole🙊*

Sometimes I just want to cry my heart out, but I know that no one is there to comfort me so whats the point. 
When someone is in love with you and you have no feelings for them or when you have feelings for someone who doesn't have any for you. Your heart breaks just the same, you have got to understand that.
why is it so hard to trust that everything will work itself out
Do you ever want to run up to someone and give them a hug then realize you can't because they're not in your life anymore..

Can you tell that I'm hurt? Why would you keep doing this to me if you can see I can't take it...

"Which way dose the tree fall?"
"The tree falls the way it leans."
- The Lorax
I just want you to run up behind me, give me a big hug, and tell me you don't want me to go...
I never felt so weak as I was lying on the ground hoping for one last breath. Everyone that looked up to me for their insperation was now looking down at me; some with worry other seemed to think I was acting. But with every shallow breath, the world seemed to be fading away.
It is surprising how a simple smile and saying hello can change someones day. 
A man walks into a bar, asks the bartender for a glass of water. The bartender pulls out a shotgun, fires, and nearly misses the man. The man thanked the bartender, leaves him a tip, then left. Why?
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