Status: I don't often ahte, but when I do. I prefer to hate the Iowa Hawkeyes.
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Quotes by nebraska99

If you feed me, I love you.

Everythings better down where it's wetter! If you know what I mean.

Peasants: Also known as everyone at my shcool.

You're the boy,
with a real nice smile but a broken h e a r t  i n s i d e .

"Hell yes! My period started!" Said no one ever.




On Wednesdays,

we wear pink.



*English class*

What's the explaination for this man to do such amazing things?
Me: He's a wizard.

I know we only met, but lets

pretend it's love.

Crush: I love you.
Me: I know you don't love me.
Crush: As a friend I do.
Me: *friend-zoned

How can I not fall for that smile?

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