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Quotes by neonbubbles

me: why does no one like me
person: i like you
me: thanks
me: why does no one like me


mom: you haven't moved since i left the house 5 hours ago
me: excuse me where do you think these chips came from


"be strong"
i whispered to my wifi signal


Me in PE
me: oh, there goes the ball
me: along with all the f*cks i give


me: no


seniors: i hate freshman
juniors: i hate freshman
sophomores: i hate freshmen
freshman: i hate freshman

friends: you should have came with us!
me: an invitation might have helped

I always get awkward when someone compliments me & idk what to say
someone: you look pretty today
me: happy birthday

me: *breathes*
mom: you need to change your damn attitude

me watching the olympics when i was 8: Oh that's nice
me watching the olympics when i was 12: Wow I hope we win
me watching the olympics now: i'm going to f*ck the entire swim team and no one can stop me