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Hi, I'm Caroline(: I'm 13 years old & I turn 14 on November 8th. I live on Long Island in NY & I love it here(: Having a late birthday suckks because everyone is always older than me-.- Anyway, field hockey is so important to me. It's like my escape when I'm having a bad day & I've met so many great friends through it. Ahh friends♥. I dunno how I would be able to survive without them. I'm thankful for my amazing family, because I know a lot of people don't have one. ♥RIP Connor. I miss you so much. 9/15/91-11/3/11♥ I get upset so easily and it takes me a while to pull myself back together. I hate being a girl when it comes to stuff like that. Wow I'm rambling. Well I also lovelovelove One Direction. Harry Styles stole my heart<3. I high-fived him and had like a 5 second conversation with him when I met all the boys during a meet&greet through the radio. It was amazing-3/9/12;* I love food. Mhm.

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tylerrelyt88 (bestfriend ;P )

♥RIP Connor♥ 9/15/91 - 11/3/11

Quotes by neoncolorsxx

I don't even feel comfortable on witty anymore.

I'm not sure
how much longer I can be strong.



You can't blame society for being insecure.
Blame the magazine editors.
Blame the photoshop people.
Blame whoever is making you upset specifically.
Because when you blame society, you're not only blaming youself.
You're blaming me. Your mom. Your teachers. Your friends.
you hear the UPS guy pull up outside and you think nothing of it. Next thing you know, there is a giant box placed on your doorstep. So giant & heavy that no one can move it, so you decide to open it outside. You cut open the side and BAM your favorite band walks out...

you continue(;
Again, the false affection
Again, we break down inside.

Witty isn't about top quotes.
It's about expressing yourself or helping others.
So stop doing "fave if"
"Can I get a couple faves because..."
AND stop commenting on quotes 3437673 times
just to get it to the top quotes.
It's annoying.

I don't wanna blink
I can't close my eyes
These are the best years of our lives


Hate exercise / but want to be thin
Love food      \ but want to be thin
Love laptop   / but want to be thin
Love snacks  \ but want to be thin
Hate being fat & want to be thin 


I kinda hate

that so many girls say "I want a guy who will.." & then they list a bunch of things they want a guy to do. No offense, ladies, but half the guys you date won't do that stuff and you shouldn't make him. When the right guy comes along, you'll like him regardless. Also, you need to return the favor if he does sweet things. Don't just keep asking him to do all this sh*t for you. You gotta be there for him too.




One  D i rec t  i  on

You know what bugs me? No it's not the quotes about One Direction, I could honestly care less ifyou want to write about them. But what bugs me is when a quote with maybe two lines of lyrics from one of their songs gets 347385 faves. Then when somebody needs somebody to vent to (which is mainly what witty is for) barely ANYBODY listens. Tell me why that is. Tell me why a line of lyrics is more important than someone who actually needs help. Humor me and comment down below, because I would like to know.