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Hi, I'm Caroline(: I'm 13 years old & I turn 14 on November 8th. I live on Long Island in NY & I love it here(: Having a late birthday suckks because everyone is always older than me-.- Anyway, field hockey is so important to me. It's like my escape when I'm having a bad day & I've met so many great friends through it. Ahh friends♥. I dunno how I would be able to survive without them. I'm thankful for my amazing family, because I know a lot of people don't have one. ♥RIP Connor. I miss you so much. 9/15/91-11/3/11♥ I get upset so easily and it takes me a while to pull myself back together. I hate being a girl when it comes to stuff like that. Wow I'm rambling. Well I also lovelovelove One Direction. Harry Styles stole my heart<3. I high-fived him and had like a 5 second conversation with him when I met all the boys during a meet&greet through the radio. It was amazing-3/9/12;* I love food. Mhm.

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♥RIP Connor♥ 9/15/91 - 11/3/11